How to Sell Your Car with Confidence

When it comes to selling your pride and joy you will always want the best price possible. Let’s face it, your car has given you years of trouble free motoring, adventures and family outings so it’s not always easy to part with, (especially if it’s your first).

To maximize your sale price and give you the best chance possible of a quick sale there are a few things you can do, as the owner, to ensure success.


Most people fall in love with something at first site, so make sure your cars first impression is long lasting and cuts through the doubt of a potential buyer.

The presentation of anything you sell is always paramount. If you’re looking to sell your car in Dubai for cash, you want it to look it’s best. First impressions always count so go ahead and fix those minor things that you wish you’d fixed years ago. Give it a wash, polish it up, touch up any small stone ships and blacken the tyres.

Don’t forget the things you can’t see like oil and grease. Make sure there are no squeaks or rattle that may concern a buyer on a test drive.

Your car and the new buyer will thank you for it in the end and you will be happier with the response when people see a near new car for sale.

Choose your avenue

Although you can sell your car online in Dubai and selling your car yourself could look appealing and may look like it will yield you better returns, don’t overlook using a Dealer. The dealer network will be much faster, easier and safer than letting potential buyers take your car for a spin in the hopes they aren’t just looking for a joy ride.

They can also usually give you cash on the day, which makes life much easier. Cars Always Wanted also have a consignment service, which is the best of both worlds. We can come to you for photography, inspection and  a free car valuation, then handle all the bits and bobs until your cars sold. We field the phone calls, talk to buyers, organise test drives and do all the transfers.


Once you’ve decided how you’ll sell your car in the UAE you’ll need to find all your paperwork. Your current registration papers, your insurance, any service history and don;t forget your spare keys so that everything that belongs to the car goes with the car in the end.

Also remember the little things like lock nuts, seat covers and dash mats if you’ve removed these and have them stored somewhere. They will be of no use to you once your cars sold.

Lastly – Market Value

You don’t want to go into the transaction blind. Do your research and know the true value of your car before you start. Unfortunately sometimes this won;t be what you think it’s worth, so remember that this is a transaction and your memories can’t play a part in your car’s value. (but they can live on in your mind)

If you’re not sure how to research your car, Cars Always wanted are happy to give you a free no obligation car valuation to get you started.

Now all the hard work is done, you’re ready to turn your car into cash. Choose the right avenue, advertise your car professionally and you’ll be able to sell your car fast. Just make sure you take care, don’t have any signs on your car in your driveway and call someone if you need help.

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