We help you sell your car fast and easy in Dubai and the UAE free. Let us help you sell your next car.

Come to you wherever you are

Inspect, photograph & warranty your car

Advertise your car for 6 months

Handle calls and find serious buyers

Assist with paperwork

Pick up your car and drop off your cash.

Selling your car in Dubai shouldn’t be a task that you dread. If you think about the actual transaction, you have a car that has given you many years of joy and now it will give someone else that same joy and you some extra cash.

The challenge lies in the way you sell your used car. As soon as you think “How do I sell my car” most people break out in a cold sweat. How will you find the time & skills to professionally photograph it, write the advertising copy, sign up to the site and list your car? Let alone haggle and negotiate with potential buyers… It just gets all too hard.

Now, we’re introducing a better way. You can now sell your car in 30 minutes in Dubai for free! That’s why you should be calling Cars Always Wanted, because as our name suggests, we are always on the lookout for cars, and not just new cars. We buy any car and we have no restriction on a car’s age or kilometers, we treat every car with respect and evaluate them on their merit, not just their mileage.

Cars Always Wanted can help you sell any car in Dubai with our easy 3 step process that takes the hassle and stress out of turning your car into cash. Nothing is a problem, and you shouldn’t have to sell your car online for less simply because your circumstances have changed.

There are many sites that you can sell a car online in Dubai, but Cars Always Wanted is the only free way to sell your car in Dubai for cash. So if you need to sell your car in Dubai, or even sell your car across the UAE call us now.

If you need to leave Dubai, leave it with us, we can sell your car for you and we can still take care of the whole transaction on your behalf & make sure you get the best price for your car, rather than offloading it for less because you need to leave.





Hassle Free!

Hassle Free!

The Cars Always Wanted way!