Selling My Car to Family – Is It a Good Idea?

When the time comes to sell your car in Dubai, there are many avenues available to you. What seems like the easiest option at the time may not, in the long run, be the easiest and best way to go. The bottom line is that when you sell your car, you want to walk away from the sale with cash in hand, no car and no future worries.

Selling my car to family

Let’s look at where to sell your car. The obvious question is do you sell your car privately or to a dealer?

Now if you happen to know someone looking for a car you may think this is your easiest and fastest option. They already know the car, you already know them and you trust they will do the right thing, right? Well, sometimes you can be wrong. Money does strange things to the best of friends, and even family. A transaction may start out well, but there are many factors that could influence it.

Take this scenario for instance:

Bob has a car that has been fantastic for him; it’s never skipped a beat and to the best of his knowledge will keep running like that forever and a day.
Bill knows Bob and knows Bobs car, so is happy to offer Bob a fair price for it.
Bill buys the car and both Bob and Bill are happy…….until the very next week Bill finds an oil leak.
Bill’s mechanic thinks it’s been there for a while so Bill questions Bob. Bob knows nothing about it.

Now – if this was a transaction between Bob and a used car dealer, there would be nothing to worry about and nothing Bob would need to do, but because Bob and Bill are friends, there is a grey area where neither knows who is responsible. Before you know it, they are blaming each other and the friendship is lost over a quick cash transaction. This could have been avoided.

There are plenty of places that will give you cash for cars in Dubai without going into the grey area of selling to family and friends; it just depends on how much time you have and how much effort you’re willing to put in. With Cars Always Wanted you can sell your car in 30 minutes with their system. There is always the option of listing it online and doing the hard work yourself but why? When you can call us and sell your car in Dubai for cash, what’s the point on spending your time photographing, listing and fielding calls?

As with the above scenario, if you find the wrong person, or they come to your home to test drive, you could be opening yourself up to a whole world of problems that you could avoid by calling Cars Always Wanted and selling your car in Dubai for cash. What are you waiting for?

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