Tips to Buying a Used car in UAE

Buying a used car is often more complicated than it sounds. Many buyers say they can get the best price from private sales though there is more to consider than simply price. So, when looking for a used car, what should you consider when weighing up buying from a Dealer vs Private seller?


When buying a private car in Dubai or the UAE, it’s much a case of buyer beware, meaning you buy it the way you see it, and there is no option to return your car once the sale has been made. If you’re inspecting a car at a private sale, often the owner won’t disclose mechanical problems with the car.

Unfortunately, there are many cases in the Middle East of Speedo tampering, Chassis concerns or deployed airbags that are not discovered by the potential buyer until it’s too late. If you’re not good with cars, it’s a good idea to bring along a friend who is mechanically minded or you could be driving away with problems.

At any dealership, you should still take care when inspecting a used car. Not all dealers will offer the same level of inspection and protection to their buyers as we do. If you’re searching for cheap used cars for sale in Dubai ensure they are all giving you guarantees that their cars are tested, not on the written off register and mileage is accurate.

Here at Cars Always Wanted all of our Pre-owned cars are fully RTA tested, Mileage checked, and guaranteed not to be on any written off register giving you unparalleled piece of mind.

It’s not as important to have mechanical know-how in this situation, as we also have the facility to provide you with an extended warranty on all of our pre-owned cars.

We also pre-deliver all our used cars meaning they have been workshop tested and any faults have been fixed. It’s a good idea to ask about this when enquiring.


At a private sale its worth considering that damage to windows, fairings or doors can indicate the car has been in an accident. It’s also harder to obtain documents like the repair history to confirm this. Checking the tread on tyres is at least 3-4 mm thick is important, and uneven tread can indicate a problem with the steering or suspension.

As a luxury car dealer in Dubai, most of our cars will come with repair history. This means you don’t have to guess at whether the car has had any serious work done to it. Make sure you check your dealers warranty to see what is and isn’t covered.


Regardless of whether you buy from a dealer or privately, test-drive the car! Any defects that aren’t obvious at idle will usually show-up during a short drive.

There is no sure-fire way to get the feel for a car without driving it. You could love the car, but hate the way it drives. Anyone serious about making a sale on the car will let you test-drive it first.


If you’re buying privately make sure you’re checking the financial history of the car you’re after. When it comes to Automotive Finance, a dealer can provide you with a better range of products and because they do many loans each week, they can also get you better rates most of the time.

When buying from a dealer the dealer has an obligation, by law, to make sure your new car is encumbrance free (no money owing). This peace of mind can be invaluable as you don’t want to buy a car and then find out there is a loan against it that you didn’t know about.

The Bottom-line

If you believe a private sale for your next new car will be a cheaper option, be careful. It may look cheaper up front, but making a mistake at a private sale means you’ll probably be paying a lot more in repairs and finance down the line.

Buying from a Dealership may have a slightly higher up-front price-tag due to the checks and balances they need to do before selling you the car, but it’s much faster, easier and provides peace of mind. You can obtain your Finance and Insurance on site and you also have the option to trade in your old car, saving the hassle of selling your old set of wheels.

In the unorganized sector in UAE you will pay the same price if not higher for the same car as you will through one of Dubai’s luxury car dealers as well as not having the buying power for better finance rates and warranty deals.

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